"Mimi Schell....one of the most gifted composers and singers Hamburg has to offer. An evening with her music will take you up and down through all the emotions your heart can bear. "

- Anri Coza, South African Songwriter


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Love, Mimi

It's a VINYLPOSTCARD! Hooray!! 

April 23rd, 2022 my new single "Watching The Sky For Changes" is pre-released for my loyal fans and followers as a limited special edition to celebrate the international Record Store Day with you!

It's comes in a shape and format you probably haven't seen before....it's a vinyl postcard! In other words, it's a postcard that is made of vinyl that you can spin on your (manual/ non-automatic) turntable and listen to it!

It is exclusively available in my shop on this website and can be shipped worldwide.

I am exited to share it with you and hope you will massively enjoy it! I believe it's a little gem for every vinyl lover's collection.

And for anyone, who doesn't own a turntable at home, I have good news:

1. On the backside of each postcard you will find a unique code that will give you access to a virtual player, so you can listen on your browser (computer/ tablet/ smartphone).

2. In this virtual player you will also find bonus material such as: info, credits, my album HELIODOR, plus special KARAOKE tracks of some of my song classics such as "Do It With Love", "Why So Afraid" and more.

3. The postcard will be personalized and signed by me. I am sure it is a sweet piece of music and art that will happily live with you, wherever you feel like decorating it in your home.

I am hoping to bring you joy with this piece, that much love went into!




++Heliodor, derived from the Greek “gift of the sun” – a lemon-yellow gemstone++

Welcome to HELIODOR - a pop/folktronica concept album about love and all its various facets: romantic, dangerous, fragile, rebellious, utopian, twisted, universal and eternal. The love for each other and the love within us. 

In 2014, I boarded a six bunk carriage on a rattling night train with nothing but a backpack and my demo tapes. The destination was Paris. It would be the first of many times that I travelled from my hometown of Hamburg to Paris to meet Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, R.E.M., Big Star), power pop musician and producer. Ken and I worked on HELIODOR over the course of two years. It was a journey full of highs and lows, as exhilarating as only real life adventures can be. HELIODOR was recorded in the following cities: Paris (FR), Tours (FR), Hamburg (DE), Rotterdam (NL), Medford (MA, USA), Hannover (DE) and Cologne (DE). 

The album title appeared to me in my dreams. This album, which so many people believed in and worked on, now really seems like a manifestation of the sun’s gift to me. It is with gratitude that I think back to the electrifying days and sleep-deprived nights. I would wholeheartedly like to thank all the people who have lent me their creativity, support, inspiration and love to help create my first album the way you are experiencing it now. 

I am excited that you found Heliodor. Or maybe it found you? Let me accompany you on this journey. I hope you will enjoy diving into and exploring it. 

Love knows and conquers all, 

Mimi Schell

Im ganzen Norden und darüber hinaus ist das Dörphus in Hörsten (21217 Seevetal) bekannt als "Geheimtipp", der gar nicht mehr geheim ist. Die legendäre "Monday Music Club" Country Session, die dort zweimal im Monat stattfindet, zieht die Fans von handgemachter Musik im Genre Country/Blugrass/Americana/Songwriter aus allen Richtungen immer wieder magisch an. Wir freuen uns riesig über die Einladung vom Dörphus, dort am Samstag den 22.April 2023 (Einlass ab 18:30 Uhr, Beginn 20:00Uhr) ein Konzert des Mimi Schell Trio zu geben! Eintritt kostet 15€. Einen Online Ticketverkauf gibt es nicht. Tickets sind ausschließlich per SMS oder WhatsApp an Hanni Briese vom Dörphus verbindlich zu reservieren unter Tel: 0162-4738212. Jürgen Scholz (git, bv), Martin Meyer (keys) und ich können es kaum erwarten, Euch dort zu treffen! ++++ Und...psssst....man munkelt, dass ich alleine am (Oster-)Montag, den 10.04.23 beim Monday Music Club 1-2 Stücke singe, im Reigen von all den unfassbar tollen Session-Musiker*innen, die die Bühne zum leuchten bringen werden. Vielleicht stimmen wir uns da schonmal gemeinsam ein?