"Mimi Schell....one of the most gifted composers and singers Hamburg has to offer. An evening with her music will take you up and down through all the emotions your heart can bear. "

- Anri Coza, South African Songwriter


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Love, Mimi

It's a VINYLPOSTCARD! Hooray!! 

April 23rd, 2022 my new single "Watching The Sky For Changes" is pre-released for my loyal fans and followers as a limited special edition to celebrate the international Record Store Day with you!

It's comes in a shape and format you probably haven't seen before....it's a vinyl postcard! In other words, it's a postcard that is made of vinyl that you can spin on your (manual/ non-automatic) turntable and listen to it!

It is exclusively available in my shop on this website and can be shipped worldwide.

I am exited to share it with you and hope you will massively enjoy it! I believe it's a little gem for every vinyl lover's collection.

And for anyone, who doesn't own a turntable at home, I have good news:

1. On the backside of each postcard you will find a unique code that will give you access to a virtual player, so you can listen on your browser (computer/ tablet/ smartphone).

2. In this virtual player you will also find bonus material such as: info, credits, my album HELIODOR, plus special KARAOKE tracks of some of my song classics such as "Do It With Love", "Why So Afraid" and more.

3. The postcard will be personalized and signed by me. I am sure it is a sweet piece of music and art that will happily live with you, wherever you feel like decorating it in your home.

I am hoping to bring you joy with this piece, that much love went into!




++Heliodor, derived from the Greek “gift of the sun” – a lemon-yellow gemstone++

Welcome to HELIODOR - a pop/folktronica concept album about love and all its various facets: romantic, dangerous, fragile, rebellious, utopian, twisted, universal and eternal. The love for each other and the love within us. 

In 2014, I boarded a six bunk carriage on a rattling night train with nothing but a backpack and my demo tapes. The destination was Paris. It would be the first of many times that I travelled from my hometown of Hamburg to Paris to meet Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, R.E.M., Big Star), power pop musician and producer. Ken and I worked on HELIODOR over the course of two years. It was a journey full of highs and lows, as exhilarating as only real life adventures can be. HELIODOR was recorded in the following cities: Paris (FR), Tours (FR), Hamburg (DE), Rotterdam (NL), Medford (MA, USA), Hannover (DE) and Cologne (DE). 

The album title appeared to me in my dreams. This album, which so many people believed in and worked on, now really seems like a manifestation of the sun’s gift to me. It is with gratitude that I think back to the electrifying days and sleep-deprived nights. I would wholeheartedly like to thank all the people who have lent me their creativity, support, inspiration and love to help create my first album the way you are experiencing it now. 

I am excited that you found Heliodor. Or maybe it found you? Let me accompany you on this journey. I hope you will enjoy diving into and exploring it. 

Love knows and conquers all, 

Mimi Schell


In June 2022 the first of two new singles will be released. I am proud to announce my new single "Watching The Sky For Changes" will come out on all digital platforms. Once more I collaborated with US- musician and producer Ken Stringfellow, who masterfully recorded, mixed, produced and performed on the song, that I co-wrote with German pianist Martin Meyer. My vision of a uniquely sounding, uplifting, romantic yet powerful Pop-Song had been given a beautiful, enthusiastic soundscape I feel grateful and happy about. Further recordings for this production have been made at Bluhouse Studio (Hamburg, Germany), recorded by Ulrich Rohde: Anne De Wolff joined me for angelic background vocals on this! Last but not least, my deepest thanks go out to Peter Keller of Chefrock Studios, who recorded my lead vocal!

Dear people, let me announce that on April 22nd 2022, right on time for the international Record Store Day, I will pre-release my single as a vinyl postcard! For those of you, who have never seen such a thing, let me say it is a single record in the shape of a postcard that can be spun on your turntable (manual, non-automatic only) just like a usual record. You will be able to order your copy, signed and dedicated if you wish, in my webshop here https://www.mimischell.com/shop once it's released on April 22nd. So mark that date in your calendars and spred the word! <3 The vinyl postcard edition is limited to an edition of 100 copies only! I can't wait to share it with you all! Love, Mimi

Mimi Schell Trio - Single Release Konzert

Fischhalle Harburg, Kanalplatz 16, Hamburg-Harburg

Es wird ein zauberhafter Abend werden, soviel darf man erwarten: Die Hamburgerin Mimi Schell kommt am 16. Juni mit ihrem Trio in die Fischhalle Harbung, um das Release-Konzert ihrer neuen Single „Watching The Sky For Changes“ zu feiern, der ersten Neuveröffentlichung seit ihrem 2019 erschienenen Albums HELIODOR. Und sie hat Überraschungen im Gepäck: Musikalische Gäste werden zur Feier dieses fröhlichen Moments genauso dabei sein, wie die frischgebackene Vinyl-Edition ihrer Single in Form einer auf dem Plattenteller abspielbaren, in aufwendigem Verfahren hergestellten Vinyl-Postkarte, deren Cover sie sogar selbst entworfen hat.

Mimi Schell, so weiß ihr Publikum, ist eine berauschende Sängerin, Texterin und Songschreiberin, von der man sich seit Jahren fragt, warum sie eigentlich nicht bekannter ist. Sie ist eine selbstbestimmte, fantasievolle und charismatische Künstlerin, die ihre Vision von zeitlosem, Indierock- und Americana gesprägtem Pop auf eigenem Label und in Eigenregie, veröffentlicht.

Für die musikalische Produktion der neuen Songs hat Mimi Schell erneut auf die vertraute Zusammenarbeit mit Produzent Ken Stringfellow (USA/FR) gesetzt, der bereits HELIODOR grandios in Szene gesetzt hatte: elektrisierend, umspielend, verlockend, treibend, romantisch, kraftvoll, zuweilen gar ekstatisch. Diese Palette an Empfindungen ist sicherlich nicht zu viel gesagt, wenn man Klang, Texte und Musik beschreiben möchte. Eine passende Schublade dafür gibt es sicher nicht.

Live begleitet wird Mimi Schell von Jürgen Scholz (Akustik Gitarre, Backing Vocals) und Martin Meyer (Piano, Keyboards, Orgel), ihrerseits formidable und hoch geschätzte Musiker der deutschen Musiklandschaft. Die Beiden verleihen durch Ihre einfühlsame und meisterliche Interpretation Mimi Schells Songs ein gefühlvolles, starkes, akustisches Soundbild, was in solcher Reduktion tatsächlich einer Meisterleistung gleicht, wenn man die durchaus opulenten Produktionen bedenkt, für deren Abbildung man genau genommen ein ganzes Dutzend Musiker bräuchte. In dieser Reduktion liegt aber eben auch die Süße, die Qualität der Songs und die Stimme ganz in den Mittelpunkt zu stellen. Man darf sich auf ein knisterndes, sommerliches Konzerterlebnis vor der Kulisse des Hamburger Binnenhafens freuen, mit spannenden Highlights, exklusiv für diesen Abend. Das Konzert ist als Open Air Veranstaltung geplant und wird nur bei schlechtem Wetter in den Innenraum verlegt.

PS: Mit der Vinyl-Postkarte bleibt die Künstlerin ihrer Linie treu, sich immer etwas besonderes einfallen zu lassen. So veröffentlichte sie schon ihr Album HELIODOR in der außergewöhnlichen und einzigartigen Form einer Buchrolle, deren Inhalt an traumhafter Illustration, die Musik auf erstaunlichen 10 Metern ausgerollter Länge als visuelles Kunstwerk begleitete.