1. Siren Song

From the recording Bring Everyone You Know- EP

Musicians appearing on this recording:
Vocals: Mimi Schell
Drums - Henning Brandt
Bass - Marcus Gnadt
Violin, Viola, Cello, Trombone, Percussion, Glass, Glockenspiel - Anne de Wolff
E- & Acc. Guitars, Lapsteel, Harmonium, Piano, Percussion - Ulrich Rode


Siren Song
Lyrics: Mimi Schell
Music: Ulrich Rode, Mimi Schell

Swim like a fish in the sea
Float through the gushsprings so freely
Bright like a flicker in the dark
What’s it gonna take to strike your spark

Somebody hurt you, too
But can’t you see I’m reaching out for you

Shower your soul’s thirsting bloom
Placing a kiss on your wounds
Playful like sparrows in the sun
Tempting like a Greek siren song

ooohoo ohoho
Let me open up your heart to that light

Perfectly grown blades of grass
Over the heart’s fear of loss
Windows, your mind chose to replace
With mirrored eyes in your face

ooohooo ohoho
Let me open up your heart to that light