1. God's Reply

From the recording HELIODOR

Lyrics written by Mimi Schell
Music written by Mimi Schell/ Ken Stringfellow

Produced by Ken Stringfellow
All instruments performed by Ken Stringfellow, except
Drums by Joost Kroon

All vocals performed by Mimi Schell


Lyrics & Music: Mimi Schell, Ken Stringfellow
God’s Reply

Infatuated by a jewel
I hold though immaterial
Come see, baby, with me

Invisible, not to deny
As inscrutable as God’s reply
His wings, baby, in me

Some people might fill
Their buckets with silver and gold- yeah
What I got is free, babe
It’s inside of me, babe

I give away my properties
Let mysteries be mysteries
Let joy, baby, lead me

I paint with my hands
Every wall in town
I colour the world with the love I found
Come here, baby, with me

No more asking why
We won’t wait for Heaven’s reply
Let’s fall out of space, babe
Let’s fall into time

And whenever I’m down
All exhausted and tired
I remember where love’s precious treasure lies
It’s in me

You’re looking for proof
What more do you need to be told- yeah
Silver and Gold, babe
Are nothing to hold

No more asking why
We won’t wait for God’s reply
It’s inside of me, babe
Inside of me