From the recording HELIODOR

written by Mimi Schell

produced by Ken Stringfellow
all instruments and programmings performed by Ken Stringfellow
all vocals by Mimi Schell


Lyrics & Music: Mimi Schell
Passing The Monuments

Three tiny dots in the mind’s bubble text
Typographed silence that speaks for itself
Searching the sources of our core beliefs
And the way we’re affected by learned doctrines
It takes time.

Three golden stars at the station’s door
Where the earth spit our
Fast lane train out for more essential questions
You’re holding the key
First stop ain’t the fitting lock necessarily
It might take time.

We keep pushing forward
The wind in our faces
The rails keep arranging in place
Oho- traces we wish we could leave
Passing the monuments

Our future is blending with our history
An intimate challenge, self- inventory
Our powerful voices, to whom are they kind?
The best we are giving, to whom is it right?
It’s break time.

The rails start to tangle
Like running-shoe laces
We stumble at full speed ahead
There are still compromises to make
Passing the monuments