Mimi Schell & Ken Stringfellow online show live from Hamburg

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Mimi‘s home, Hamburg

Join us for our online concert! Dear friends! We are happy to invite you to our online show on Sept 5th! Ken Stringfellow and I are collaborating for a few years meanwhile. I am infinitely amazed by his work and very grateful how masterfully he had produced my album HELIODOR. Against all the metaphorical and literal barriers the pandemic brought this year, we could make it to come together for another collaboration, and this I am anticipatingly looking forward to and super grateful for. We‘ll be doing recordings, will be playing a live concert with audience, too, which is already sold out! But for THIS online show, availability of tickets is unlimited and we are hoping you‘ll be joining us and supporting us with buying a ticket. They are on sale now! For this event we will perform our respective bodies of work as well as a few most beautiful duets.

Ken Stringfellow is joined by Mimi Schell on Sept 5th for an epic online live stream full concert. The concert is available for 24 hours, which means, you buy one ticket and can watch it again. How cool is that? Enjoy a full concert while in the bath, in a park, while in bed, on a walk. Whenever wherever you are in the world. Tell your friends about this chance because you don’t want to miss out. There’ll be tons of songs, jokes and who knows what else these crazy two will get into. Buy a ticket and find out for yourself.

Ticket 20$ , VIP Tickets available